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Electric Bike Rentals

Many models and sizes of rental bikes. We will make sure that proper adjustments are made and that your bike fits you perfectly.

Electric Bike rentals available for an hour or 2 hours, a half or a full day.    

Specific routes and maps will be provided for a   that  will surely change your day.   

We will make sure that your electric bike fits you

Adjustments are made for your rental bike prior to your trip.

Several sizes and models to choose from.  We will make sure that proper adjustments are made prior to you beginning your journey. 

Northwest Hills Happiness

Beautiful areas that will feel more like 1820 than 2020.  Various terrains available in different routes.  Hills, rolling hills, dirt or paved roads.

Jason L

October, 2019

These bikes are great!  My girlfriend and I were in town for the weekend and rented 2 electric bikes for an hour. The bikes were fully charged and we were given scenic directions by the staff.  Perfect!

Maps and training provided.


Never been on an electric bike or in our area?  No worries, we will make certain that you have good and clear directions and training before beginning your journey. 

You and your electric bike will get you there. You might not want to come back


Beautiful trips in areas that will make it seem more like 1820 than 2020.   Wildlife, rivers, streams , farms, woodlands and an abundance of quiet country roads. 

Hills, dirt or paved roads, farms, solitude or quiet routes to is up to you.


Want a quiet ride on  rolling hills or would you prefer to see how much climbing you and your electric bike can do?  Plenty of terrains and routes are available.  We will work together to provide you with an option that works perfectly for your trip. 

Electric Snow biking


With our fat tire ebikes, you and your group will have a time you will not soon forget.  Deep in the woods, you'll follow winding trails past streams, brooks and (frozen) ponds. Peaceful, fun, beautiful. 

Call to make reservations and to check on snow conditions.