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Open 7 days a week!

Family cycling

Open 7 days a week from 9am  to 5pm (Sunday- 10 am to 5 pm)  

Please ask about an earlier start if it better suits your groups' schedule 

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Solitude and quiet

........Beautiful afternoon in scenic Cornwall CT riding along the Housatonic River.
Super fun and easy to ride the electric bikes.
Will definitely come back .. looking forward to another ride to view the fall foliage.

Covered Bridge Electric Bike Rental

Much more than an electric bike

Hidden waterfall

Geese, egrets, herons, wood ducks and  bald eagles are common sightings as you head out and along the Housatonic


Lots of electric bikes for your enjoyment

1. What are your rates?

Our rates are as follows:

$25 for first hour

$50 for first two hours

$60 for half day (four hours)

$85 for full day

2. What is the range your electric bikes? 

There are a few factors that determine the range of your rented ebike such as terrain and cycling efforts.  We expect your ebike to have a range of approximately 25 to 40 miles. 

3. Do you provide helmets?

Yes, we do provide helmets. Of note, all cyclists are required to wear helmets in the state of Connecticut. 

4. Do you have extra batteries for longer tours?

Yes, we have fully charged batteries for your rent.  The cost for an additional battery is $30 per day.

5. Is there a minimum age to operate an electric bike?

Our minimum age to operate our ebikes is 18.  

6.  Do you provide directions for routes?

We do. And we do our best to keep you on quiet country roads throughout. Typical routes range from 15 to 30 miles. 

7. Are children allowed on the cargo bikes?

Yes.  There is a 130 maximum capacity.  There is a $10 charge for additional passenger. 

8. Can we book ahead for our group?  

Certainly.  We encourage booking a day or two in advance to secure your ebikes during the week. A couple of days in advance is even better for the weekends. 

Cargo Bikers

Family activity

Great for parents, even better for kids