Yamaha Power Assist Electric Bikes

The driving force in E-bikes Since 1993


Yamaha launched the world's first electrically power assist bicycle in 1993. Since then, Yamaha has led the way, constantly innovating to deliver the most natural power assist bicycles that have empowered millions.  

As the only company in the US that manufactures both the frame and the drive unit for their e-bikes, Yamaha has the field-tested experience and confidence to offer an industry-leading 3 year warranty on battery, drive unit & frame. 

Yamaha Wabash


The Yamaha Wabash will give you all the versatility that you need for pushing your boundaries and cycling enjoyment.  

A gravel bike that is comfortable both on dirt roads and on long tours and that has an outstanding range of up to 80 miles per charge.  4 levels of assist to tackle various terrains and climbs. As well, an absolute pleasure to ride with no power assist!  

Yamaha YDX-TORC Mountain Bike

Yamaha YDX-TORC Mountain Bike.

More adventure. More trails. And more hills and distance than you ever imagined.   11 speed, 5 levels of assist, hydraulic disc brakes,  RockShox fork suspension. 

Imagine unreal times a zillion!

PW-X drive unit for YDX-TORC


PW-X for the YDX-TORC:  Exceptional performance for fast response while providing  Yamaha's renowned  natural assist feel. 

Aggressively lightened. 

Ratchet mechanism revised for quicker engagement. 

High output,  stronger power assist with a new extra power mode (EXPW).

Yamaha Urban Rush


The Urban Rush has a blend of power, style and speed.  Conquer your commute from Cornwall to Litchfield or climbing the steep hills of Kent. 

The double chainring gives you many gearing options that makes the Urban Rush a pleasure to ride with power assist or with none at all.   

Yamaha Cross Core


Up to 80 mile range.  9 speed, with 2 derailleurs.  

Ride to work, to the market or just have a blast riding up and down the steepest of  our hills. 

4 levels of assist.  As much workout as you need or want, providing a natural and organic ride no matter what terrain you are tackling. 

Electric bike sales and service. Yamaha ebike dealer.


Great for commuters, shoppers, touring, and for exploring the northwest corner.  

Rack, fenders, kickstand and lights included. 

Such a comfortable electric bike to ride.  You'll want to keep going and going. 

PWSeries SE


Yamaha PW Series SE offers a pure, natural assist" ride that's powerful and smooth. The center drive mount drive and triple sensor system delivers outstanding weight balance and an organic feel that constantly adjusts for torque,  speed and crank rotation. 

Yamaha Wabash Testimonial


Terry B, Cornwall, Connecticut 

50 year cyclist

December, 2019

Wabash Demo

Bob showed me the simple controls, with four levels of assist at the touch of a button, and I set off to have an hour's spin around Cornwall. 

Of course I wanted to see what Dibble Hill felt like - and it was a dream ! I felt the 42 lbs weight of the Wabash after I hit the first serious uphill, and by a gentle touch of the button I relaxed as climbing the hill on the first assist was like riding my own bike. But I wanted to feel the power of the electric bike and so touched the button again and moved into the second assist as I hit the steeper top section of Dibble - it was wonderful ! I quickly tried the third level but found it almost too easy so put the bike back into second level.

Then (for those who know Cornwall) I rode Dibble to turn right onto Route 125, right up Route 128, left along Town Street to turn left onto Scoville Road and then back down Cream Hill road to 128 and back down to West Cornwall. I used the assist to flatten the hills, and then switched off on downhills and on the flat sections. The Wabash handled just like a regular bike without assist, but the assist was wonderful for the hills !

Cornwall has many serious hills, and an e-bike opens up the wonderful (but hilly) North-West corner of Connecticut to everyone to explore, without them having to be a strong cyclist. E-bikes are going to open up a whole new world to people who would not normally ride bicycles. To me it was like being a kid again, the ability to whiz up hills just when I wanted !    I think that the e-bike is definitely a welcome addition to the world of bicycling - and I recommend everyone to try one !

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